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Franchisee Module

Deposit & Tenure

  • The franchisee will be valid for a period of 3 years.
  • Franchisee can be renewed after that if the terms and conditions of that time are met.
  • Franchisee will have to give security deposit of Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousand only) to V-Care Service Providers.
  • This deposit will be refundable at the time of cancellation of franchisee only if the cancellation is requested after 6 months tenure.
  • If the franchisee cancellation is requested before completion of 6 months than 50% of the deposit will be deducted.
  • Company reserves the rights to cancel the franchisee any time due to unavoidable circumstances and in that case the deposit will be refunded 100%.
  • In case of refund, only principle amount will be refunded without interest.

Infrastructure Requirement

  • A shop of minimum 200 sq. ft. carpet area in good location & with good visibility is required.
  • However initially for the first 6 months you can start your business from anywhere, even your residence. But after the completion of the 6 months period it is mandatory that you shift to a shop within next 3 months.
  • In failing to do so the company can appoint another franchisee in your area that has a shop or the company can start its own shop. In either case all the new customers and their business will be diverted there.
  • No complaints for loss of business will be entertained thereafter.

Company Support

  • Company will provide you 15000(fifteen thousand) pamphlets for advertising one time only.
  • Company will provide you online software.
  • Company will procure all the expenses for software maintenance.
  • Company has its own staff for customer assistance where your customers will be assisted for placing orders or any other service required. However the legwork, if any, needs to be done at your end.
  • All the customers, existing or new, falling within your operating limits will be allotted to you.

Purchase, Pricing & Goods Return

  • You will have to compulsorily purchase goods from the company only and sell them at the price decided by company.
  • In failing to do so company reserves the right to terminate your franchise without notice.
  • Every day before 6:30 pm you have to send a requisition mail for requirement of goods for next day in the prescribed format. Failing to do so you might not get desired quantity of goods.
  • You have to collect the goods from our warehouse latest by 8:15 am next day morning after making the payment.
  • If you wish that company should deliver goods to you at your place, than company will charge Rs. 4/- per km for total to & fro distance as delivery charges, minimum charges will be Rs. 50/- (Rs. fifty only).
  • Quantity requested by you in your requisition mail will be sacrosanct and cannot be changed.
  • Selling price of all the products will be decided by the company and will be updated on the website and software everyday in the morning.
  • If at the end of the day there are left over goods and if you want to return them company will take back the goods at 50% rates of the rates at which you had purchased on the same day. No goods will be taken back after that or on a day prior to Holiday.
  • Return goods need to be delivered by you at our warehouse.

Your Role As A Franchisee

  • As a franchisee all you have to do is to ensure that the orders within your operational limits are packed and supplied within stipulated time.
  • Customers within your operational limits should not complain about the quality, quantity or non receipts of goods. On failing to do so you might be levied upon penalty as decided by the company.

Possible Income (Purely For Understanding)

  • It is very unwise to predict the income that you can generate as your income is in your hand. Still for the sake of understanding please go through the below example….
  • On an average weight of one order is 4 kg if your average margin is say Rs. 7/- per kg and you deliver 30 orders per day than your income can be 30x4x7=840 per day.
  • In a month assuming that there are 25 working days, as Sundays and Public Holidays are Holidays for us; you earn 25x840=21000 per month.


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